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Summary descriptions of selected projects are listed below (# corresponds to Project Map):


Mine Development


  • #72 - Rare Element Resources Bear Lodge Project Plan of Development (Black Hills National Forest/Bearlodge Ranger District). Edge prepared the Plan of Operations for an open pit rare element mine in northeastern Wyoming. The project included a 2-mile overhead distribution power line extension to supply power to the mine. Edge also prepared the Environmental Report to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and annual reporting to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.


  • #73 - Energy Fuels Sheep Mountain Uranium Project EIS (BLM Lander Field Office, Wyoming). Edge prepared an EIS as the third-party contractor to the BLM Lander Field Office for a development of a uranium mine near Jeffrey City, Wyoming.


  • Energy Fuels Daneros Uranium Mine Plan Modification EA (BLM Monticello Field Office, Utah). Edge drafted an applicant-prepared EA to be submitted to the BLM Monticello Field Office for a modification to an existing uranium mine in southeast Utah.


  • #44 - Energy Fuels Piñon Ridge Uranium Mill Environmental Report (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado). Edge prepared an Environmental Report (similar to an EIS) in support of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Radioactive Materials License application. The proposed Piñon Ridge Uranium Mill would be the first uranium mill permitted in the United States in over 30 years. The project would be located entirely on private land and therefore, a NEPA analysis was not required.


  • #8 - Peabody Energy Twentymile Mine Coal Lease-by Application EA (BLM Little Snake Field Office, Colorado). Edge prepared an EA for the 640-acre coal lease-by-application. Peabody Energy applied for an additional coal lease to be able to continue their mining at their existing Foidel Creek Mine in Moffat County Colorado. Major resource concerns included impacts to air quality, socioeconomics, water resources, and special status species.


  • #49 - Rhino Energy McClane Canyon Coal Mine Lease Modification EA (BLM Grand Junction Field Office, Colorado). Edge prepared an EA analyzing the effects of leasing an additional 320 acres to support ongoing production at the McClane Canyon Coal Mine in Garfield County.


  • #59 - Rhino Energy Book Cliffs Coal Lease-by-Application EIS (BLM Grand Junction Field Office, Colorado). Edge began working on an EIS analyzing the effects of leasing 14,760 acres to support an underground coal mine in Garfield County, Colorado. The project was placed on hold.


  • #75 - Bowie Resources, LLC, Bowie Coal Lease Modification Application EA (BLM Uncompahgre Field Office, Colorado). Edge prepared an EA for modification of two existing federal coal leases to allow expansion of the operating coal mine.


  • #75 - Bowie Resources, LLC Spruce Stomp Coal Lease-by Application EA (BLM Uncompahgre Field Office, Colorado). Edge prepared an EA for a lease-by-application covering 1,789 acres adjacent to existing coal leases held by Bowie.


  • #40 - Energy Fuels Resources Whirlwind Mine Uranium Mining Project EA (BLM Grand Junction Field Office, Colorado). This EA included an analysis of the environmental effects of an underground uranium mine and associated ancillary facilities and vent shafts in Mesa County, Colorado.

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